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More Icons

The Hormonal Forecaster comes with a small selection of icons for you to associate the custom events and symptoms you wish to generate statistics on. Some users may wish to add other icons and may do so by following the below instructions. (Unfortunately this process is not as simply as adding background skins and may not necessarily be for everyone since it requires some familiarity with Windows Explorer.)

In addition to the instructions below, I'm included some links to icon sites. Remember: the icons must be in .ICO format to be compatible with the Hormonal Forecaster. Another thing to keep in mind is to keep everything in moderation. If you download thousands of icons and include them in the Hormonal Forecaster icon directory, you may find it difficult to browse them all and find the one you want. For this reason, I recommend only adding the select few icons you enjoy as opposed to entire giant icon collections you can download off the net.


  • First you need to determine which directory you need to save the new icons to. By default, this directory is 'C:\Program Files\Hormonal Forecaster\Icons\' although it may vary on your computer. To find out what directory to save the icons to, take the following steps...

    • Run Hormonal Forecaster (select it from the Start Menu)
    • Select About the Program from the Help menu.
    • The program splash screen will appear. Click on the Copyright Notice in the lower left corner.
    • The program will tell you what directory you should save icons in. Write it down or remember it for step four.

  • Find ICO icon file(s) you like and want to add to the program.
  • Click on the Start button, then Programs and select Windows Explorer.
  • Locate the ICO file(s) you want to include as well as the Hormonal Forecaster Icon directory (found above).
  • Drag the ICO files from their current location to the Hormonal Forecaster Icon directory. This process will move the files to the required directory.
  • The icons are now ready to go. Next time you run Hormonal Forecaster, additional icons will be available for browsing. To change current icons associated with custom events, select Custom Events and Symptoms from the Options menu. To change an icon, select the desired custom event title and icon and press Change Icon.

Recommended Icon Websites

Cool Archive Icons
Extremely well categorized icons that are available in ZIPed files. This site even allows you to preview the icons before downloading them. An excellent source for .ICO files (make sure you download the ZIPs with the files in ICO format). If you cannot handle ZIP files, I would recommend downloading Winzip or another application to handle these types of files.

SpockFu's World of Icons
More icons than you could ever want. They come in ZIPed files organized into broad categories. Make sure you heed the warning at the top of this page and don't put all the icons in the HFC directory since that many of them would be extremely difficult to browse. Instead, only move your selected favorites.

Converting Unsupported Icons

The Hormonal Forecaster requires actual 32x32 or 16x16 icon files in *.ICO format. If you have other icons or thumbnail images you want to use, you can convert them to icon format using third party tools. One such tool is the Free Icon Editor. You can use the Extract Icon menu item under the File menu to load another image and then use the Save As option to save the file in a real *.ICO icon file format.

Use this link to download the Free Icon Editor.

If you try to access invalid icon files with the Hormonal Forecaster, you will receive an Invalid Picture error. You need to remove the invalid icon files you added and either find other files or attempt to convert the icon file using the described approach.

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