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“I love the customization features. The background skins give the program a personal touch and make it so much more inviting.”

-- Holly (Texas, USA)

More Skins

Although the Hormonal Forecaster comes with four background skins, you can download additional ones from this site for free to further personalize your powerful ovulation and fertility calendar. Instructions appear below followed by thumbnails of the background skins available to choose from. These instructions are geared towards people who have already downloaded the Hormonal Forecaster. If you have not download it yet, please visit the download page.

  • First you need to determine which directory you need to save the new skins to. By default, this directory is 'C:\Program Files\Hormonal Forecaster\Skins\' although it may vary on your computer. To find out what directory to save the skins to, take the following steps...

    • Run Hormonal Forecaster (select it from the Start Menu)
    • Select About the Program from the Help menu.
    • The program splash screen will appear. Click on the Copyright Notice in the lower left corner.
    • The program will tell you what directory you should save skins in. Write it down or remember it for step five.

  • Click on a thumbnail you like below to enlarge the image.
  • When the enlarged image loads, right click your mouse on the image.
  • A menu will appear. Select Save Image As or Save Picture As from the menu.
  • You will be asked where you want to save the image. Specify the directory found above (the Hormonal Forecaster Skins directory).
  • The image is now ready to go. Next time you run Hormonal Forecaster, go to Preferences under the Option Menu and change the Background Skin by going to the Appearance tab.

Additional Program Background Skins
Left click on image to enlarge and save.

A Fall Scene Blue Cellular Objects Golden Gate Bridge
A Cheetah Standing A Cliff Near the Water A Coastal Scene
Darts on a Dart Board A Dolphin Jumping Many Ducks in a Lake
Lots of Underwater Fish Flowers Up Close Many Planted Flowers
Flowers and a Tree A Field of Flowers Many Colorful Flowers
Hay The Desert Horizon
Two Horses A Scenic Glacier An Island Coast
Island from a Distance Leaves Up Close A Lighthouse on the Coast
Mountain with Pine Trees World Trade Center in NY City Aerial of New York City
Peaches on a Tree Polar Bear in Water Red Sky Scene
A Flowing Stream A Cute Dog Coastal Sunset
Shoreline at Sunset Tiger Jumping Two Lying Tigers
Many Small Waterfalls Ivy Near the Water's Edge Inside a Rolling, Cresting Wave
A Near Cresting Wave Wet Grass Up Close Whale Jumping at Sunset
A Winter Scene Snow Covered Wolf A Trail Through the Woods

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