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“I just love it, I could not survive without it. It is so convenient to be able to track your cycle, particularly for long range activity planning and vacations. Being able to track symptoms is invaluable.”

-- Dawn (California, USA)

Web Edition:

Web Edition of the Hormonal Forecaster

With the Web Edition of the Hormonal Forecaster, you can enter and view your data records from anywhere. All you need is a web browser and internet access to manage your fertility using this powerful online software.

Ovulation Calendar
Hormonal Forecaster Web Edition

Web Edition Features

The web edition is a free online charting service that allows you to update your records online. You can also view complete fertility charts to see all of your symptothermal data. Natural family planning techniques and analysis can even be applied to online data to determine fertility levels and ovulation dates if desired. An online ovulation calendar is there to display past cycles, ovulation dates, and future cycles for your convenience.

While storing information online is convenient, many users feel more comfortable keeping their own copy of their data on their PC. The Web Edition makes this possible. You can synchronize the web edition with the desktop version of the Hormonal Forecaster to upload and download data records. You can optionally update and view your records online or offline.

Data sharing is unique to the Hormonal Forecaster web edition and allows you to selectively share your data records with other users and health care providers.

Fertility Features:

  • Track Fertility based upon several Natural Family Planning Methods such as the Ovulation Method, the Symptothermal Method, and the Calendar Method.
  • Automatically generate symptothermal Ovulation Charts based upon recorded symptoms
  • Calculates and displays ovulation dates based on recorded data
  • Record and view basal body temperatures, cervical mucus observations, cervical position, ovulation test results, and saliva ferning.
  • Custom field to track spotting or any other custom fertility field
  • Easily record and show sexual intercourse on your charts
  • The Hormonal Forecaster's own innovative chart shading feature illustrates how recorded symptoms translate into interpreted fertility levels by shading the user's chart in areas indicative of high fertility.
  • Access to basic cycle information including luteal phase length and average cycle length
  • Optionally share your fertility data and charts with other registered users and health care providers

Personal Statistical Features:

  • Select up to 20 behaviors, moods, or actions to record and monitor
  • Record and view daily personal notes to keep track of other textual information.
  • Ability to share recorded events and/or personal notes with other registered users and health care providers

Miscellaneous Features:

  • Desktop version Synchronization Support
  • Private message boards enable you to send other registered users messages
  • Public message boards facilitate online discussions
  • Apply advanced features and analysis from the desktop version to your data by synchronizing your records to your desktop PC.
  • View your friend's shared data online with their permission

Web Edition Screen Captures

Enter and view your fertility data for use generating charts

Online ovulation chart summarizes your fertility.

Record and view up to 20 custom events to track.

Main menu of accessible options from within the Web Edition.

Synchronization utility to synchronize data offline with your computer.

The web edition allows you to share your data
with friends and health care providers.

Sign Up for the Hormonal Forecaster Web Edition

You can sign up for the Hormonal Forecaster web edition and begin taking advantage of the Hormonal Forecaster's features online using your web browser. Additional information about the web edition can be found at its dedicated site: My Fertility Charts.

Web Edition Enrollment:

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