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“My doctor is really impressed with the charts, and I am really impressed that I can print them out to show her without having to manually fiddle about!”

-- Jennifer

Health Care Providers

Over the years, many health care providers have recommended the Hormonal Forecaster to patients as a way for them to manage their fertility. The desktop software has been a valuable asset in allowing women to record and supply their doctors with detailed cycle history, ovulation charts, and records of fertility symptoms. This has been useful to diagnose fertility problems and to help women who are trying to conceive be successful by timing intercourse to increase their likelihood of conception.

The Hormonal Forecaster desktop version continues to be an asset. It presents women with a convenient means to enter, update, and view their fertility information. The Hormonal Forecaster's own chart shading features also facilitates development of an understanding for how symptoms correlate to different fertility levels. The desktop version permits users to print charts and reports to bring with them to their health care providers to assist in understanding their fertility.

Web Edition Access for Health Care Providers

With the introduction of the Web Edition, the Hormonal Forecaster can now provide health care providers with yet another powerful tool. By allowing users to enter their records directly online or upload records entered using their computer, the Hormonal Forecaster can enable doctors, midwifes, and other fertility professionals to have access to their patient's data. This facilitates the exchange of information and encourages users to more reliably record their fertility symptoms.

If you are a health care provider, you can sign up for a special account to access the Hormonal Forecaster Web Edition. Once your identity as a valid provider has been confirmed, you will be able to access patients' data. You can then advise your patients to create web edition accounts and enable data sharing with you. Once they have done this, you will be able to monitor their charts as data is entered online. Your patients can also use the system's private messaging system to contact you and ask questions. This powerful new service is being offered for free.

Users interested in charting their own data can sign up here. Once you have created an account, you will be able to share data with registered health care providers and even other friends.

Health care providers interested in gaining access to patient records can signup here. After you sign up, you will be contacted to confirm your status as a valid health care provider to protect other web edition users. Once you have been approved, users will be able to share their fertility records with you if they wish.

Health care provider accounts do not allow you to enter your own personal records though.

Free Health Care Provider Enrollment

More information about the Hormonal Forecaster Web Edition can be found on this site using the Web Edition link. The Web Edition itself is hosted on a separate site. Additional information is provided on that site including links to sign up:

Special Needs and Arrangements

If you are a health care provider with special needs or would like to discuss a more involved partnership with the Hormonal Forecaster, you can email providers@myfertilitycharts.com with details of what you have in mind. Depending on the circumstances, your request may be accommodated or another suitable arrangement worked out.

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