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“The Hormonal Forecaster took the hassle out of charting and encouraged me to manage my fertility using natural family planning.”

-- Natasha (Ontario, Canada)

Fertility Texting is even
Better than the Palm Edition!

Cell Phone Text Messaging

Now you can record and view your fertility symptoms on any cell phone! If your phone can send text messages, then you can manage your fertility using your phone! Fertility Text Messaging No iPhone or Blackberry needed (although it will work for those too).

Imagine this... Your alarm wakes you up and you take your temperature. You reach over and grab your cell phone and open a new text message. Your thermometer beeps. You type your temperature into the text message and hit send. You just instantly updated your online Fertility Chart from your bed! It is that easy and does not require any expensive equipment or software!

In addition to recording fertility symptoms, events, personal notes, reminders, and more, you can also request charts, status updates, and fertility summaries. These can be sent to your phone in seconds as a text message. All your records can also be accessed anywhere online at My Fertility Charts for full analysis. You can even synchronize your data with the Hormonal Forecaster desktop software running on your computer if you prefer to store your data on your personal computer.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and make managing your fertility easier than you ever imagined possible! For more information on Fertility Texting, click here.

Palm Edition of the Hormonal Forecaster

To better support the many variations of Pocket PC devices and new cell phones and smartphones like the iPhone and Blackberry, new text messaging has been added to the Hormonal Forecaster online edition at MyFertilityCharts.com. This new feature is much more compatible than the Pocket PC Edition and fertility texting is recommended as an alternative.

For those still using compatible Palm devices, the Hormonal Forecaster Palm Edition, allows you to enjoy the convenience of a handheld portable application without sacrificing the advanced features and ovulation prediction techniques of the famous desktop version.

Hormonal Forecaster Palm Edition The HFC Palm Edition is a specially designed version of the Hormonal Forecaster that is optimized to run on handheld personal digital assistants (PDAs). It has been designed for the Palm OS platform and requires a device with Palm OS version 3.0 or higher. While the handheld version can be used by itself, it is best when utilized alongside the desktop version of the Hormonal Forecaster. The Palm Edition allows users to enter and view data anywhere to empower them to manage their fertility with the ultimate level of convenience. By synchronizing with the desktop version, data records are updated on both devices and advanced computational results are downloaded to the handheld device to improve its overall performance and capabilities analyzing your fertility data.

By their very nature, handheld devices require a different design approach than desktop programming. The Palm Edition has been designed accordingly to limit battery drain and computational time on your device. This is made possible by performing some data management and analysis using the desktop version and transferring the results back during synchronization. Fertility and ovulation predictions are more roughly approximated on the handheld device, but data entry remains unrestricted. This permits one to enter personal indicators of fertility and view corresponding ovulation charts and fertility graphs. By synchronizing fertility and personal records with the desktop version, one can analyze their fertility with an even higher degree of confidence due to the expanded analysis of the traditional desktop application. Even by itself, the Hormonal Forecaster Palm Edition's computational capabilities are extremely impressive.

Palm Edition Features

The Palm Edition includes many of the key features of the Hormonal Forecaster to allow users to enter and view relevant ovulation data remotely until they are able to synchronize with the desktop version. Users can enter symptothermal fertility data such as daily basal body temperatures, cervical mucus observations, cervical position, and menstrual cycle data. This information can be analyzed directly on the handheld device to produce ovulation charts (including temperature plots) and fertility graphs. Both the symptothermal and calendar method approaches to data analysis are available. For more advanced analysis of your data, the desktop version can be consulted following a Palm HotSync synchronization.

Fertility Features:

Personal Statistic Features:

  • Select up to 20 behaviors, moods, or actions to record and monitor
  • Your own six day forecast to predict future event occurrences of tracked moods or behaviors
  • Support for all three stat compiling methods: menstrual cycle based, lunar cycle based, and weekday based
  • Record and view daily personal notes to keep track of other textual information.

Miscellaneous Features:

  • Desktop version Synchronization Support using HotSync
  • Palm OS native search capabilities
  • Apply advanced features and analysis from the desktop version to your data by synchronizing your records to your desktop PC.

The Hormonal Forecaster Palm Edition is recommended for use with the desktop version of the Hormonal Forecaster to maximize the accuracy of ovulation prediction and fertility calculations. It requires version 4.0 or later of the desktop version. The most recent version of the Hormonal Forecaster Desktop and Palm Editions can be downloaded from this site free of charge by visiting the download page. For help installing it and synchronizing with the desktop version, please refer to the Palm Installation page.

Palm Edition Screen Captures

The following screen captures were taken of the Hormonal Forecaster Palm Edition. It includes all of the core features of the Hormonal Forecaster to enable remote data entry and fertility monitoring.

Main menu of the handheld edition of the HFC

Entry screen to input personal fertility data

Part of a symptothermal ovulation chart

Fertility graph to gauge your fertility level

Enter behavioral occurrences for reference and prediction

View statistical predictions of moods and behaviors

Personal notes screen to enter any daily comments

Download the Palm Edition

You can download the palm edition of the Hormonal Forecaster and begin using it immediately by using the following download link. After completing the download, be sure to follow the installation instructions. Additional information and download links can be found on the download page.

Free download link:

Installation and Initial Setup

After you install the Palm Edition, you will need to take some additional steps to configure HotSync to synchronize your new data records. For more information on these steps, please go here.

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